Grade 4 Descriptive Essay Seasons

Grade 4 Descriptive Essay Seasons Genre/Topic: ,

Making a web
Essay writing
Writing the title
Fun time activity Continue reading “Grade 4 Descriptive Essay Seasons” »

Grade 7 Reflective Essay

Grade 7 Reflective EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Introduction of the essay topic
Use of interesting details
Providing personal information
Showing significance of the event
Use of sensory details
Providing purpose for writing the essay Continue reading “Grade 7 Reflective Essay” »

Grade 8 Imaginative Essay

Grade 8 Imaginative EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Use of imagination
Ability to write an autobiography
Continue reading “Grade 8 Imaginative Essay” »

Grade 10 Expository Essay

Grade 10 Expository EssayGenre/Topic: ,

My Choice
The Gift Of A Family
Book Review – A Christmas Carol
My Favourite Outdoor Game Continue reading “Grade 10 Expository Essay” »

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Grade 9 Persuasive Essay

Grade 9 Persuasive EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Narration of the facts
Forecast of topics to be presented Continue reading “Grade 9 Persuasive Essay” »

Grade 9 Narrative Essay

Grade 9 Narrative EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Characterization Continue reading “Grade 9 Narrative Essay” »

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