Grade 3 Letter Writing

Grade 3 Letter WritingGenre/Topic:

Writing in an organized manner
Main idea and details
Clear and neat writing
Writing different kinds of letters Continue reading “Grade 3 Letter Writing” »

Grade 1 Narrative Writing All About Me


Use of capital letters
Use of full stops
Writing neatly
Special names
Writing the title Continue reading “Grade 1 Narrative Writing All About Me” »

Grade 9 Descriptive Essay

Grade 9 Descriptive EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Use of clear and concise language
Appeal to the five senses
Organization of ideas Continue reading “Grade 9 Descriptive Essay” »

Grade 10 Cause and Effect Essay

Grade 10 Cause and Effect EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Dashain Holiday
Drug Addiction: The Evils Of The Habit
Accidents At Home
The Effects Of Drinking Continue reading “Grade 10 Cause and Effect Essay” »

Grade 4 Imaginative Essay What If Elephants Could Fly

Grade 4 Imaginative Essay What If Elephants Could Fly Genre/Topic: ,

Use of creativity and imagination
Communicating visual skills and thoughts
Ability to write in an interesting manner
Essay writing
Fun time activity Continue reading “Grade 4 Imaginative Essay What If Elephants Could Fly” »

Grade 10 Descriptive Essay

Grade 10 Descriptive EssayGenre/Topic: ,

Our Forests
My Dad – My Hero
Krishna Janmasthami
The Pleasures Of Reading
My Best Friend Continue reading “Grade 10 Descriptive Essay” »

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